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Providing Innovative Mission Critical Solutions

AAPTA has worked with some of the best banks worldwide, providing them mission-critical solutions and services. AAPTA is a Specialized QA & Software Testing Company delivering high-quality Software Applications. Through our innovative techniques, we are pushing the conventional norms of Quality Assurance and blending technology to yield remarkable deliverables. Testing can be the Achilles heel of Agile development, as successive iterations make it difficult to thoroughly test a new application. AAPTA Sourcing overcomes this problem by employing a Test Driven Development approach and leveraging the expertise of our own Global Testing Center.

The following are the some industries we are providing services, supporting

  • Test lab setup
  • Test plan and test design
  • Installation testing
  • Functionality testing
  • Configuration / Compatibility testing
  • Performance testing
  • Interoperability and standards compliance testing
  • Regression testing
  • Test automation/scripting

Low risk. High reward

Testing is a low-risk, high-reward entry for Independent Software Vendors (ISV) looking for outsourcing services. ISVs and other software product developers need to test and qualify their products very rigorously using a variety of hardware and software configurations. Typically, the effort involves three-step iterative cycle: Build, Test and Release.

Full range of services

Our Testing Services offer a range of quality assurance and testing services, which include setting up of test labs, regression testing, functional testing, compatibility testing, integration testing, automation testing rational team test and performance testing. We offer expert management and technical consulting on software testing, quality and software engineering.

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