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We offer Application Development services includes object-oriented applications, web applications, client-server applications, mobile applications, and legacy applications modernization & extensions enables you to meet emerging technology challenges and help you throughout the full life cycle of application development, from defining your requirements, documenting specifications, developing, testing, to integrating software applications across a myriad of platforms.

AAPTA has many years of experience delivering the following types of Custom Development initiatives:

At AAPTA, we employ an application development process that is mature and well defined. This process ranges from initial business case analysis to post-implementation support the full software development lifecycle.

Our experts work with you throughout the process to determine best practices and requirements, helping ensure rapid development, testing and implementation. Our development process adapts according to your project's needs. We follow a traditional waterfall methodology for most development projects, as well as Agile/Scrum methodology. Our development experience includes e-commerce sites, financial applications and CRM applications using .NET, C#, Java, J2EE, LAMP and a variety of open source technologies.

  • Windows Application Development
  • Web Application Development
  • Content Management
  • E-Commerce Solutions

Windows Application Development

While the number of software applications produced in a web-based model continues to increase, there are still many situations in which the business requirements call for a traditional Windows application. A Windows software application executes on the user's PC and typically involves a rich user experience that includes robust mouse and keyboard interaction, very quick response times to user actions, detailed control over printing, and a common Windows user interface.

Web Application Development

The majority of custom software applications being created today leverage a web-based development and distribution model. As internet and web browser technology evolved over the past decade, it became feasible to deliver highly functional business applications via the web. Gone are the days of having to distribute software applications on CD's which must be installed by the user on their PC.

Content Management

A common problem to website management has historically been that technical personnel is often required to maintain, update, and extend websites. A majority of the websites in existence today are essentially providing sales and marketing function by conveying a company's products, services, and core value proposition to the market. Although the content on this type of website is driven by the marketing department, it is often difficult for marketing personnel to get changes made to the site. AAPTA designed and developed a website Content Management System that allows non-technical personnel to fully manage, maintain, and extend websites.

E-Commerce Solutions

An increasing number of traditional brick-and-mortar businesses are looking to the Internet as an additional sales channel. These traditional businesses are usually lack the depth and breadth of expertise required to bring a viable web-based offering to the market. AAPTA has helped many companies design and develops highly scalable online storefront websites that integrate tightly with existing back-end systems and enterprise applications.

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